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Flash Fictions - batch 4 -MISC.DCCOMICS-
"Cold Embrace"
The Flash - Cisco/Merry

  "What is that?" asked Merry. They were alone and the alarms at S.T.A.R. Labs were blaring. Wells was still AWOL, Caitlin was on a coffee run and Barry hadn't shown up yet.
  Cisco quickly pushed his chair along to one of the computers, surveying the footage from the CCTV cameras. "It's a security breach."
  "Where?" As Merry followed suit, she realised that half of the camera views had been obscured. It was like trying to see something through frosted glass.
  "I have no idea... Judging by the cameras that have been tampered with, I'm guessing somewhere around the front of the building?"
  No sooner had he said it, the door to the Cortex was kicked open by a black boot with a loud bang. Wearing the boots was a man in a hooded coat with what looked like dark skiing goggles pulled over his eyes and a very high-tech looking gun in his hands. "Morning, Cisco." The light tone didn't match anything else. "I hope
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Thinking Out Loud -CHAP.03--BIGHERO6-
  Chihiro stared blankly as Cass plonked a glass jar down in front of her on the top of the piano. It was empty. She had no idea what she was expected to do with it.
  Cass laughed at the confused look on her face. "It's a tip jar. I'm just sorry I didn't think of the idea myself or we could have done this for you over the last two nights as well."
  Chihiro felt awkward. "Oh, you really don't need to do that. I mean, you're already paying me as it is."
  "It's no skin off my nose," Cass assured. "If people want to tip you, then you should let them, especially if you're saving for a new piano. Every little helps, right?"
  "Err, right," Chihiro agreed. "Then thank you."
  Cass smiled knowingly. "Don't thank me."
  Chihiro realised where the idea must have come from and she felt her face colour. She certainly hadn't mentioned to Cass that she wanted to buy a new piano. She gazed at the empty jar in front of her, feeling quite touched. Sh
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Quicksilver Upgrade by punkette180 Quicksilver Upgrade :iconpunkette180:punkette180 18 17
Thinking Out Loud -CHAP.02--BIGHERO6-
  The following night at the café was a quiz night. Chihiro spent most of the day working on a new piece of music that she'd begun composing. She had the first few stanzas down, but couldn't find a suitable theme to bridge them together, let alone anything after that. When she got fed up of staring at a blank page, she left the house and went shopping instead. At least, her version of shopping.
  She wasn't particularly a fan of shopping. When most people went shopping, they ended up returning with plenty of things that they didn't need, having wasted their money on impulse buys. Chihiro didn't want to do that. She needed to save her money for the new piano she wanted, not waste it. Besides, there was nothing else she could possibly want to get. What she liked to do when shopping was simply use the opportunity to wander round aimlessly and daydream. Her mind worked so much better when she'd had time to clear it.
  At least, it usually did. After she came back and ma
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Commission batch 7 by punkette180 Commission batch 7 :iconpunkette180:punkette180 11 11
Thunderball -CHAP.02--XMEN-
  Lou stared at the four walls around her - unfamiliar, alien - and suddenly, she felt the overwhelming sensation like she was caged again. She hastily propped open the door that joined onto the corridor, then ran to the window and threw it wide open, looking out onto the campus of the school. X Academy, as she'd been told it was called.
  She half sat, half knelt on the small window seat underneath it and rested her face on top of her arms, leaning against the sill of the window as she looked out at the world below her. So much of her life had suddenly changed in just the last few hours. A whole new world had been opened up to her today. A world that she'd apparently belonged to all along - she just hadn't known it had existed.
  If only she had sooner. Her life would have been so much easier if there'd been someone to help her through it. And maybe she wouldn't have even ended up with this stinking ball and chain. Though the large hunk of metal bore no physical weight
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Cheap Points Commissions (Art and Literary)

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 7, 2016, 10:10 AM
Skin by TMNT-Raph-fan


Drawn Commissions

:bulletred: Bust/Headshot - 30 :points: for a single character / 50 :points: for a pair
HP Next Gen headshots by punkette180 Good Vibrations by punkette180 Dry Ice by punkette180

:bulletred: Half-Body - 40 :points: for a single character / 60 :points: for a pair
(+10 :points: for NSFW themes)
Fullmetal lovedump by punkette180 Partners in Shenanigans by punkette180 Hit or Miss by punkette180

:bulletred: Full-Body - 60 :points: for a single character / 80 :points: for a pair
(+10 :points: for NSFW themes)
Tial and Teagan - LoZ OCs by punkette180 This Means War by punkette180 Another Story by punkette180

:bulletred: Life Bottles - 50 :points:
Examples (more info in the artist comments):
Life Bottles by punkette180

Will do...

Won't do...
Anthro/Furries/Anything that doesn't look human
Animal ears and tails
Homestuck (those things seriously freak me out)
Genitals (boobs are fine)

Written Commissions

:bulletblack: Flash Fictions (1-2 pages) - 40 :points:
Flash Fictions -batch 1 -MISC.ANIME--"Mist"
Soul Eater - Kid/Brina
  "Brina, Kid, you're up next."
  Brina nervously watched the previous team leave the room, both looking distinctly pissed off. It didn't seem to have gone very well. When they'd been picked as one of the teams who had improved the most, she'd been thrilled. But apparently this extracurricular lesson that Professor Stein had in mind had the potential to be very destructive to soul wavelengths, if they weren't completely harmonised. Her and Kid's relationship already felt shaky enough.
  As usual, Kid seemed perfectly unperturbed by the situation and led the way into the room. It was dark inside, lit only by the flickering flames from lines of candles that sent shadows dancing across the walls. A heavy scent of incense lingered, flavouring the thick mist that was flowing into the air from a strange pot that stood to one side of the room. Brina and Kid sat on the floor, facing each other, as they'd been instructed before enter
Flash Fictions -batch 2 -MISC.ANIMATED-"Ink"
Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Link/Teagan
  Teagan couldn't believe she was doing this again. She clearly wasn't meant to be a flyer. As if the idea of having to ride a Loftwing by herself wasn't terrifying enough, these theoretical tests were sure to have her pulling her hair out. At least they weren't timed and she was able to do them in her own time, away from everyone else. She was already stressed enough.
  She still didn't know why she was doing this. Even if she did manage to pass all of her tests, she didn't have a Loftwing of her own anyway. She'd always just been happy to ride on the back of somebody else's - namely Tial's. It was actually Tial who was pushing her into this whole thing. Normally, Tial wouldn't force her twin sister into something she so clearly didn't want to do, so she must have felt it was important. Teagan didn't agree. She still didn't believe that Knight Academy was for her. Not with flying being the preliminary tests any

:bulletblack: One-Shots (4-6 pages) - 100 :points:
  Everyone has their own way of dealing with pain. Everyone has friends, hobbies and other coping mechanisms they can use to distract themselves from their grief and find reasons to keep on living. But for Chihiro, she had nothing. She'd never really had friends, her family life had always been detached, and now her music - her only lasting passion - did nothing but increase her heartache. Her entire world had been one person and now that world had been ripped away from her forever.
  Loss was something she'd never dealt with before. She'd never really had the people to care about to then notice any absence after they'd gone. Now it was all she could think about and she simply couldn't handle it. She hadn't even gone to the funeral. She'd intended to, of course. She'd worn the old black dress she'd used for her first public piano recital. But when she'd gotten to the house and seen everyone else dressed in black too, and worse, his photograph surrounded by candles, she'd bric
  “Hey! Let me borrow the two of you!”
  Andie looked around from the silver candlestick she’d been polishing. The master’s young fiancé Lady Elizabeth was gazing at both her and Mey-Rin with an expectant look on her face. She seemed eager about something – so eager that she looked like she was about to burst.
  “What do you need, Lady Elizabeth?” Mey-Rin asked politely.
  “Not here,” Elizabeth hissed, looking up and down the corridor. “Quick, let’s go in there!”
  Without waiting for a reply she grabbed Andie’s arm and dragged her through into one of the nearest rooms. Mey-Rin hastily followed. Sebastian had already invited Elizabeth to the manor several times beforehand – believing that she would be the best candidate for Andie to try and learn better emotions from – but the empath still wasn’t quite used to her.
  Elizabeth seemed nice and harmless eno
100 Clues -ONESHOT--DN-
  I didn’t think I’d ever been so excited for something in my entire life. One day. Just one day. One more day until I could bask in everything that was good and holy.
  Triple figures. The big one hundred.
  “Christ, Gee. Will you stop talking about that damn show for just two minutes?”
  “But it’s been going for one hundred episodes!” I protested adamantly.
  “Loads of shows reach a hundred episodes. It’s not that big a deal,” Johnny pointed out, looking at his phone rather than me. “Look, I’ve really gotta go anyway – your drivel’s gonna make me late for my big date.”
  Charming. “Well, good luck then,” I said dryly as he headed for the stairs.
  “Bitch, please. I don’t need luck.”
  I just shook my head, listening to Johnny’s footsteps as he descended the stairs. What was he talking about? This was a huge deal.

Will do...

Won't do...
Anthro/Non-humanoid characters
Reader inserts
Characters I feel are undeveloped

Whether it's fanfiction or something completely original, I'm perfectly happy to work with OCs as long as you give me plenty of references and detail on them. If I don't know enough, then I can't promise I'll be able to write them the way you want me to. I can also only write characters that I feel have depth. Characters that are described simply with a list of adjectives just isn't enough for me. So get detailing if you want me to get it right!

Whereas I'm more than happy to write within the same fandoms that I've written for before, I'd much prefer to write about new characters that I haven't worked with yet. Again, this is something that can be up for discussion.

Of course, I can only write for fandoms that I'm familiar enough with. It would take a long time for me to even attempt to compile that full list, so this is just a summarised version of what you can expect me to be able to write for:

Various Anime
Various Movies
Various Sitcoms
Dirk Pitt

The Flash
Harry Potter
Justice League
Studio Ghibli
Tru Calling
Vampire Academy
The Walking Dead

Like I said, this is just a short list off the top of my head and there will likely be a lot I've forgotten. So please feel free to just shoot me suggestions of fandoms and I can basically say yay or nay as to whether I'd feel comfortable writing for it.

If anybody's interested in a commission then please contact me VIA NOTE. Apparently people aren't reading this far... But it's just so much easier for me to keep track of. Happy commissioning, guys!

Updated with progress list!

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30 :points: for a single character
50 :points: for a pair
40 :points: for a single character
60 :points: for a pair (+10 :points: for NSFW themes)
60 :points: for a single character
80 :points: for a pair (+10 :points: for NSFW themes) 
Literary Commission - Flash Fiction
Literary Commission - One-shot


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