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Anita Monroe - DIRK PITT OC by punkette180 Anita Monroe - DIRK PITT OC by punkette180
Last upload before my holiday! I completely reinvented this gal when I was away travelling last year and have just been reeeally lax on getting her drawn up. Not having consistent scanner access isn't a great motivator, but I've been quite good with this lately! Definitely have some gift art planned for when I get back! :eyes:

Anyways, this is Anita. She's for the world of the Dirk Pitt novels, which I'm not expecting to be a hugely popular fandom on here (I only know two guys my age who even know of the books!) The most I can hope is that people may have at least seen Sahara ;D which, even though there's of course still many mistakes, is probably my one of my favourite book-to-movie adaptations!

Anita's going to be the star of my in-progress-but-not-ready-to-post-yet fanfic "Elementary, My Dear". Because her background was one I reeeally wanted to try from a few different angles I've actually linked her in to a completely original project I've been working on which I'm currently calling Argo. She won't really pop up in my original work, but her younger sister Ricki will!

Now it's profile time!

Name: Anita Monroe.
An, Annie (by her dad).
Hair Colour:
Dirty blonde.
Eye Colour:
She can be a bit of a thrill seeker and always dreams big, particularly of adventure. She's ambitious and if she wants something then she'll do whatever she can to achieve it. She's not much of a city person - she much prefers the great outdoors. She has a keen interest in biology, particularly aquatic life. She also has a liking for mechanics and enough knowledge to assist in the technical side of things to an extent. Though she's quite intelligent she finds it hard to think logically, as she tends to act first and worry later. She rarely plans ahead, preferring to act on instinct and spontaneous decisions. She has quite a one-track mind and when she gets stuck into something she's impossible to distract. She has a habit of pushing her hair back frequently, giving in a permanently messy look. Though she's very passionate and serious when it comes to her work, she has quite a light and almost childish sense of humour. She's very quirky and amused by simple things, so she always finds ways to make both the interesting and boring work more fun. In general she's quite an optimistic person. She likes nothing more than the possibility of danger in her job, as it appeals to her thrill-seeking nature more than any extreme sports. In spite of that though, when it comes to her love life she's never been one for bad boys - she prefers friendly, safer types. She has quite a big appetite, for both food and drink. She's easily awed by things - the earth's natural wonders never lose any of their appeal to her. She's always incredibly eager to learn new things. She can speak Spanish, Italian and French fluently, as well as a substandard amount of Greek and German. She's cursed with getting flat tyres, because apparently she 'drives too hard'.
Cave diving, snorkelling, tasteful tattoos, manta rays, car and boat mechanics, marine life, white water rafting, blues music, alligators, pantsuits, fishing, barbeques, paddle boarding, whiskey, koi ponds, eating dry cereal, dogs, being outdoors, museums, old bookstores, camping, travelling, natural springs, gumbo, hiking, picnics, writing journals, seafood.
Wearing skirts, big cities, pollution, anything leopard print, staying in one place, diamantes, rap music, watching TV, cheesy romance novels, Sambuca, milk, tiny dogs, most meats, gossip magazines, cursing, animal testing, close-minded people, being interrupted, ear stretches, cheerleaders, cow tipping, big crowds.
She grew up on the swamps of Louisiana with her father, her younger sister Ricki and the family dog Elvis. Her mother left when she was five, not long after Ricki was born, so she doesn't really remember her. She was raised knowing how to drive boats, swim, a variety of fishing methods and also how to use firearms - though she preferred to practice on non-moving targets, unlike her father and sister. She went to school just like any other kid, just outside of her home in Slidell, though her practical and hardened nature from her unique lifestyle helped her from ever being bullied for being a 'swamp girl'. When she reached her late teens she felt her life on the swamp had become too tame and she dreamt of better things. She took on a multitude of different jobs in order to save up money and eventually set off travelling around the states more. Afterwards she branched out further and got to explore some of Africa, Egypt, Italy, New Zealand, Greece, France and the United Kingdom. Whilst staying in England she took a short foundation course in mechanics. She still craved more excitement though and wanted to become a full-fledged explorer. Through her ongoing interest in aquatic life, she discovered a job opportunity at NUMA that she was already more than qualified for.
Father - Jeff Monroe, mother - Tanya Crewe, sister - Ricki Monroe.
Love Interest:
Albert Giordino.


Anita Monroe © punkette180

CotN-Ravenvolf Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
she sounds very cool, I love her personality, care-free and tomboy-ish :D and I hate leopard print too, good one Anita! XD lol she no like tiny dogs either :giggle: very cool pose and I like her outfit, the print on her shirt is very detailed must have took a lot of patience! ^^
punkette180 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awww thankies! :D Haha you guys clearly have things in common xD The shirt wasn't that bad actually! I think it looks more detailed than it was :P
CotN-Ravenvolf Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
yayyy :D ahaha goodies, you's just got skillz ;)
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